Life Planning Law

LIFE PLANING LAW…because it is not just for the elderly.  Young people need to make plans in order to help protect their own personal finances and health care matters, as well as their family’s future finances and health.  Life Planning Law is a phrase Rebecca prefers to explain the type of law she practices.  Many in the legal field refer to this type of law as elder law, disability law or even just estates and trusts and probate law.  But, Rebecca feels that Life Planning Law really captures the type of law she chose to practice.

Elder law, or what Rebecca prefers to call Life Planning Law, helps families and friends plan for their futures, manage a health or financial crisis, protect their life’s savings from a nursing home, and save their house if someone should need to go into a nursing home.


Who needs Life Planning Law?

This is easy.  EVERYONE 18 or over needs Life Planning Law.

  • Most people should create a will or a trust to ensure that their life’s savings go to whomever they choose upon death or disability.
  • Most people should have an Advanced Directive for Healthcare and Power of Attorney for Property to ensure that they can choose (rather than the Court) who will take care of their health and finances upon death and disability.
  • A parent who has a developmentally disabled child may need a limited conservatorship.
  • A child who has a parent with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, has had a stroke or other mentally impairing disease or trauma may need a conservatorship.


Why does EVERYONE need Life Planning Law?

That’s simple too.  Because no one has a crystal ball to see into the future.


Let’s Be REAL.

Most people, including lawyers, believe that MAYBE it’s a good idea to plan for the future in case something should happen to me.   Let’s be real….it’s not a matter of IF something happens to me,  it’s WHEN something happens to me.  SOMETHING happens to everyone.  So, better to be safe than sorry, right?