What is a Conservatorship?

A conservatorship is an important way for a person (the conservator) or organization to take care of the medical and/or financial affairs of another person (the conservatee) when the person needing help is no longer able to manage their own affairs due to incapacity such as a Developmental Disability or Dementia.


Who needs a Conservatorship?

Someone who needs help caring for their financial and/or healthcare needs.  For example: mother with Dementia, a sister with Alzheimer’s, a friend who just had a stroke or brain injury, an Autistic child who is becoming an adult.  These are just a few.  Contact Rebecca Ryan to see if your situation would benefit from becoming a Conservator for a loved one or friend.


Who can act as a Conservator?

A wife, husband, daughter, son, mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle,  other relative or even a friend.  The public conservator is also an option if there’s no suitable relative or friend.  Contact Rebecca Ryan to find out if you can serve as a Conservator to help manage your family member or friend’s finance and/or health care matters.


Is the process difficult to become a Conservator?

It can be as simple as filling out some court forms and appearing before the Judge for approval.  Rebecca will walk you through the process step by step from filling out the right forms, to becoming appointed by the Court , to the “NOW WHAT” once you have been officially and legally appointed.


Are there different types of Conservatorships?

Yes.  There’s a Limited, General, Temporary and LPS.  Each situation may warrant a different type or maybe a combination.  Rebecca will hep you simply understand which type is available and most beneficial for your situation as well as what you should expect during the process.  She’ll also help you after by explaining and being there to guide you after you are appointed.  Rebecca’s job as your counsel does not end at appointment.  You need to know your rights and responsibilities as a Conservator.


How do I know what type of Conservatorship I need?

Call or email Rebecca with your situation.  She’ll break down the options for you.  If you need an emergency appointment to help NOW because of financial or physical abuse, don’t delay because you may need a Temporary Conservatorship.  If your child is turning 18 and has a mental disability, likely needs a Limited Conservatorship.  If Mom or Dad has Alzheimer’s, she/he likely needs a General Conservatorship.


What is a Power of Attorney?

An alternative to a conservatorship.  Sometimes if you have a properly executed Power of Attorney or Advanced Health Care Directive, you may avoid the necessity of a Conservatorship!  This could make things REALLY simple but you have to plan in advance of a crisis.  So just contact Rebecca Ryan and she’ll explain if a Power of Attorney will help you avoid the courts and costs of a Conservatorship.